Tony Sabetti, a co-founder and general partner for Interact Equity Ventures (IEV), brings more than 25 years of experience launching innovative mobile products to global markets. He served as senior director of technology at Softcard, a joint venture of AT&T Wireless, Verizon and T-Mobile USA (acquired by Google) and the first multi-platform, multi-bank, multi-OS mobile wallet to provide NFC payments. He led the development and deployment of Softcard’s mobile commerce platform which integrated payments, loyalty and offers in a single near field communication (NFC) tap, at more than 100,000 merchant locations across the U.S.

Prior to Softcard, Mr. Sabetti was senior director of sales and marketing for NXP Semiconductors, where he secured designs of NFC chipsets and secure elements into mobile phones from Blackberry, Motorola, Google and others. His team was also responsible for secure chips for EMV bank cards, ePassports, and government ID cards throughout North and South America. He also served as vice president of RF Solutions for Sirit, where he developed a worldwide customer base for UHF RFID readers in the retail supply chain vertical, and built an NFC software practice.

Mr. Sabetti’s work in electronic payments and security technology began at Texas Instruments, where he led international marketing and development teams who pioneered contactless technology, and developed and implemented ExxonMobil’s Speedpass and American Express’ ExpressPay solutions, the first two large-scale contactless payment solutions in the world. He also lead a revolution in automotive security by introducing secure RFID transponders for car keys, and gaining the first global implementation of the technology with Ford’s PATS Key immobilizer.

Mr. Sabetti has been granted several U.S. patents, earned a master’s degree from Bryant University and a bachelor degree from the University of Rhode Island.