Deepak Jain is the Founder and General Partner for Interact Equity Ventures (IEV). Prior to IEV, Mr. Jain served as CEO of U.S. Operations for Kili Technology, acquired in March 2015 by Square, the world’s No. 1 mobile POS solution provider. He founded DeviceFidelity in 2007, and served as its president and CEO until 2012 and as chairman of the Board and CEO until 2014. Under his leadership, DeviceFidelity grew from a small, patented concept of mobile payments in 2007 to a successful operation generating millions of dollars in international revenue before it was acquired by Kili Technologies in 2014. Mr. Jain architected DeviceFidelity’s partnership with Visa Inc. to introduce the very first certified mobile NFC payment device compatible with leading smartphones. By 2010, DeviceFidelity became the first company in the world to make a live NFC transaction on Apple iPhone devices. He also led the company’s partnership with MasterCard to bring Moneto, the first mobile prepaid application on Android and iOS to both U.S. and U.K. consumers. Moneto was named “best in class” mobile application by PayBefore in 2013, and launched a unique worldwide money transfer capability with a strategic partnership with MoneyGram. DeviceFidelity later sold the Moneto brand and Gateway Services to Cachet Financial in early 2014.

Mr. Jain has spearheaded successful fund raising for DeviceFidelity from institutions such as the State of Texas, venture capitalists such as Dallas Venture Partners, strategic partners such as DataCard, as well as from the angel community. He holds more than 55 mobile NFC technology patents across several countries and has 50 additional patents pending. DeviceFidelity has been recognized as the world-leader in the mobile payment industry, was listed on Inc. 5000’s America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies, was nominated for the Tech Titan award and was listed as the TeXchange “One to Watch” company.  Mr. Jain has received many accolades for his success with DeviceFidelity including being named finalist for the Ernest and Young Entrepreneur of the year in 2012. He has held various executive level positions with industry leaders such as Gemalto, Axalto and Schlumberger and has two decades of experience in the payments ecosystem, telecommunications, financial services, security technology and value-added mobile applications industry.