About Interact Ventures

Entrepreneurs driven to build the world's most disruptive and successful proximity ID companies

Proximity technology is about interaction. Venture capital companies should be too.

Meet Interact Ventures.

Proximity technologies have created the ability to bridge the physical and digital worlds, creating all kinds of new interactions between brands and consumers using smart devices. We pay for things with our smartphones. We download exclusive content with a tap of a phone. We share music and photos simply by touching two phones together. We monitor our health with a wristband and a tap. The way we interact with the world has changed.  So, too, has the way ambitious entrepreneurs bring their ideas to market successfully. Enter Interact Ventures.

Interact Ventures is a new venture capital organization with one singular focus: bridge the investment and entrepreneurial worlds, creating new kinds of interactions that build successful brands. We know great companies require great entrepreneurs. We see venture capital as more than just gaining a quick return on investment; we believe our greatest investments are in people and the ideas they have. We build companies: from inception through exit strategy, we partner with entrepreneurs to gain funding, build their businesses and go to market with the next revolutionary idea. The technology is in proximity. We’re ready to interact. Are you ready for the venture?